DD Editor and Player bug report / feature request
Thank you for helping me fix the bugs and for your ideas about implementing new features to this application.
Check this first:
If you have problems running v. 3.x please make sure that you've completely removed the previous installed versions and it's components.
1. Use the standard way of uninstalling the old application (and also the newly installed if it does not work correctly) then double-check if every component was deleted:
After the uninstall, there should not be any files left in DynamicDungeons folder in C:/Program Files(x86) directory
2. Delete the entire "dynamicdungeons" subfolder from C:/users/yourusername/Documents
3. Rename or manually delete the resources and prop folder which is located under [youruserfolder]/DynamicDungeons/.
The resource folder was not deleted when you uninstalled the app, to preserve your maps and assets.
If you simply rename the DynamicDungeons folder here to _DynamicDungeons for example, the editor will make a new empty "DynamicDungeons" folder here at the time of the next launch with the usual subfolders.
4. If you've completely wiped out the components of the old versions (including shortcuts on your desktop) reinstall the newest version.
If you renamed the resources folder, you can move back video files and images from your old resources folder to the new one which is C:/Users/yourusername/DynamicDungeons/editor/resources/user by default. Do not copy the "thumbnail" folders there, the new version of the app will generate new thumbnails for each map.

Did you read through the known issues in the help documentation? If not, please check the HELP doc first:

If this did not solve the problem, or you would like to submit a new feature request, please fill out the form.
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fe. Windows 10, macOS 10.13 etc.
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CPU, RAM and Graphics:
fe. Intel I5, 4GB RAM. Nvidia Geforce 980
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And don't forget to send me the latest dated log file and a screenshot
Please send me the log files located in your [userfolder]/DynamicDungeons/Editor/log and Player/log and Manager/log to my email address: dynamicdungeons@gmail.com (Please send only the latest dated log file)
A screenshot or a short video showing the problem also can help.
I process all the submitted bug reports and investigate every single issue separately, but do not respond to each form individually, please be patient until the fix comes out.
Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.
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