Virtual Minecraft Open Lab Sign Up Form
Use this form to sign up for our Minecraft Open Labs on Thursdays from 4 - 6pm. Instructions and log-in information will be sent to the email provided.

Thursday information:
1) Minecraft must be updated by each attendee on their own computer.
2) A link to our closed Minecraft server will be provided.
3) All of the rules from STEAMlab Open Lab apply:
-Respect for each player's creations and buildings will be applied
-Safe, respectful and helpful interactions between players is required
-We will not be using explosives of any sort.
Any player not acting in a respectful, kind way will be removed from playing and will need to complete "reparations" before being allowed to join the following week.
Email address to send information to *
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Do you have Minecraft on your personal computer? *
How frequently will you try to participate? *
I consent to my child joining "Minecraft" hosted by the Montana Science Center. I understand that my child is required to be kind and respectful during play. I understand that if my child does not follow the rules set forth by MSC that my child will be removed from that week's session and they will need to complete assignments prior to return the following week. I understand that none of my child's information will be shared in any manner during or after a Minecraft session. *
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