What is your "Risk Score"?
Molette Investment Services uses an award-winning technology built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework that mathematically pinpoints your "Risk Score" and aligns your portfolio to match. Your "Risk Score" helps investors like you ensure that your portfolio aligns with the investment goals and expectations that you have set.

Take a few minutes to answer the questions below, we will follow up with you via phone to provide your personal Risk Score.
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A portion of my portfolio should be exposed to the returns and volatility associated with the stock market. *
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What is your investment time horizon? ( How long before you plan to retire?)
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I am willing to lose larger sums of money in the short-term if I can enjoy potentially higher returns in the long-term. *
On January 1, 2001, you invested $100,000. On December 31, 2002, your statement showed your value was now $75,000. What would you ask your advisor to do? *
What is your rate of return objective? *
Investments with greater risks typically have a greater chance of short-term loss in any given year. Generally, the reward for assuming risk is a higher return over the long term. What is your focus, increasing returns or reducing risk? *
Which statement best describes your attitude towards investing? *
One year ago you purchased stock in a large multi-national corporation. It is now worth 30% less than you paid for it, but the company's vital signs still look healthy. Your investment time horizon is 10 years. What would you do? *
After an intensive financial analysis, your Advisor determines that you will not meet your financial goals without assuming additional risk in your investment portfolio. What would you do? *
Which portfolio are you most comfortable with: $100,000 Invested for 5 Years? *
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