Purbeck Network Application Form
We are a group of local businesses that work together. The purpose of which is to:

• Create an environment which enables our memebers look for business opportunities for our fellow members.
• To share best practice and help overcome common obstacles
• Keep each other updated as to developments and events in the local business community.
• Work together to create business opportunites in common areas.

We operate on the basis of only 1 person per business category

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Thank you for applying to join the Purbeck Networking Group (Purnet). By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing to abide by the constitution of Purnet and will endeavour to build trust and goodwill to it's members and non-compliance may jeopardise membership.
The cost of membership is £100 for the first year and £50 per year thereafter payable on the anniversary month of membership.

There is a monthly cost of £20 per month to be a member. We generally meet every other Wednesday morning at 7:30am at the Not Just Sundaes Cafe in Wareham. The cost of membership includes covering breakfast, the hire of the room and other events throughout the year.

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