Apply to Present at the Santa Cruz Works/ SC New Tech Monthly Event
Founded in 2007, the Santa Cruz New Tech now has over 4,000 members who share interests in startups, technology, innovation, and community. Would you like to present at the Santa Cruz New Tech? Great! Please read the criteria below, and complete this form. We will contact you within 48 hours. Presenting companies will be selected and notified 2 weeks prior each event.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: at the beginning of our event, you will have 1 minute to tell our community about an important upcoming event or announcement for your company. Content must be tech related, regionally appropriate, with a maximum 1-2 slides. Complete this form at least 48 hours in advance of the event. SCNT MeetUp will review and notify you with approval 24 hours before the event. Maximum 3 Announcements per event.

COMMUNITY INTEREST: you will have 10 minutes to tell us about something relevant to our tech community. There will be 2 minutes of member Q&A. Content must be politically neutral, focused on tech, and regionally significant. Complete this form at least 1.5 weeks prior the event. The SCNT MeetUp staff will review and notify you with approval 5 days before the event. Maximum 1 Community Interest presentation per event. 1 free entry.

COMPANY PRESENTATION: you will have 5 minutes to demo and showcase your solution. Please, no sales pitches. This is reserved for tech companies. Help us understand how your solution can solve business problems in our current companies, and/or give us an edge in our careers. There will be a 3-minute Q&A after your presentation. We are also seeking a donation of $250 to help us cover our costs. This is a not-for-profit, love-for-community-and-all-things-tech event. 2 free entries. Maximum 6 Company Presentations per event.

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