Zoning Revision Survey (Business)
The Village of Delhi Zoning Revision Committee is seeking the input of the business community prior to making revision recommendations to the Village Board. Input from businesses in the Village will be helpful in determining portions of the current zoning code that need attention.
Do you own or otherwise represent a business currently located within the Village of Delhi?
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What trends have you seen in the last 5 years as far as the types of businesses / entrepreneurs in the region?
Have you encountered any businesses / entrepreneurs that were interested in locating within the Village of Delhi, but were not able to? If yes, why?
Are there locations within the Village that you believe are underutilized for business? If so, where?
Do you believe that the existing zoning ordinance is conducive to businesses locating / operating in the Village? If not, what are changes that could be made to improve the ordinance?
Do you feel there are areas within the Village for which the zoning district should be changed? What would those changes include?
Are there unmet needs within the Village, whether of residents/visitors or of businesses? If yes, what are they?
What ideas / dreams do you have for the Village, whether in terms of facilitating growth or the future in general? (This can be from a personal perspective instead of strictly from a business perspective.)
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