Listening and learning is a key pillar of our planning process. We would value your input into our strategic planning process and ask that you take just a few minutes to answer the short survey that follows.

It gives us the opportunity to hear from and learn about a broader range of our stakeholders. We want our work to support, build on, and complement others. So, we’d greatly appreciate insights about what we should do more of, what we should do less of, and what we should do differently.

Responses will be anonymous, unless you share your information in the final question. Thank you!
1. How would you characterize the field you work in? *
2. How would you describe the organization you work with? *
3. In what ways have you engaged with CESR in the past two years? Please select all that apply. *
4. What has this engagement with CESR meant for you and your work?
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5. When you think of the landscape of organizations working in your field, what current or emerging issues do you see affecting progress?
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6. How could CESR be more responsive to these issues?
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7. Is there anything else you’d like to share that would help to inform our strategic planning process?
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8a. If you'd like to identify yourself, please add your name and organization.
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8b. Would you be willing to provide additional input as we progress with our strategic planning process? If so, please share your email.
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