Semester II - OSSTF D24 Class Size Survey March 2019
Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to support your Collective Bargaining Committee by completing this class size survey. Although our Collective Agreement does protect our working conditions, we require vigilance on the part of all members in order to maintain appropriate class sizes.

If you encounter any problems with this survey speak with your CBC rep.

This electronic survey will be used to collect data for any classes that have a specific course code. For teachers assigned to Co-operative Education, Special Education, Student Success, Guidance, Teacher-Librarian, DC and Lifeskills, you will be required to complete a different electronic survey. If you need assistance finding this survey, please contact your CBC rep.

A few important notes:

• Data entry is to be based on class sizes (i.e. your class lists) as of March 18, 2019. i.e. you cannot complete the survey before March 18, 2019.

• If you have a combined class (two course codes), choose the lower of the two recommended maximum class sizes. This will flag any possible issues for your CBC rep.

• If you teach in a school with MSIP classes, you will have an opportunity to input the size of your MSIP. This field is found after the fields for the 3rd course. If you do not have an MSIP class on March 18, 2019, leave this field blank.

To start the survey, please enter your name and choose your school.

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