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Seven Day Ban is a semi-hardcore Mythic raiding guild with a number of server first Mythic kills. Before filling out this form, please read the qualifications for mythic raiding found here --> . If you are invited to raid as a recruit, you will be given a three week trial period to show us what you got. During this time, you may only receive loot that is not needed by guild members.

While we have no specific need for any one class at this time, we accept all pro players!

What is your Battletag so we may contact you in-game? (i.e. Bolth#1397) *
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SDB typically raids Tue, Wed, and Thurs @ 7:00PM-10:00PM PST. Which days are you able to attend? *
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How fast are you expecting to clear content?
What are your expectations of the guild? What kind of raiding environment do you prefer? etc. *
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The Test!
All members of Seven Day Ban are required to think this video is both cute and hilarious!
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