ASLTA Committee Member Application
The purpose of this application is to help ensure the best fit between a prospective committee member and the Association. It is important that you read and understand what is expected of Committee service, and submit this completed application.

If you are interested in serving on two or more committees, please submit separate applications for each.
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1. Your first name *
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5. Have you been an ASLTA member for at least one year prior to applying to serve on an ASLTA committee? *
6. What is your current certification status? (select one) *
7. Which ASLTA committee are you interested in? (select one) *
8. What current or previous committee experience do you have (community, professional, social, etc.)? *
9. What other volunteer commitments do you currently have? *
10. Serving on a committee requires a substantial amount of volunteer time. Check each box to indicate you are willing to fulfill each expectation. *
11. Committee members are expected to abide by the following. Check each box to indicate that you have read and agree with each expectation. *
12. I agree to report all of my volunteer hours in ASLTA's tracking system faithfully and accurately. *
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