My Trippy Valentine: Psychedelic Storytelling - 2/12/19 Submission Form
Thanks for your interest in being a part of Portland's Psychedelic Storytelling event "My Trippy Valentine" on February 12 at the Paris Theater beginning at 7:00!

We're providing a space to tell stories about psychedelics, love and romance. We'd love to hear your story!

There are a limited number of 8-minute speaking spots available, so we're asking for you to please submit a short paragraph that tells your story, and why you'd like to share it with our community. Please send your submission by Friday February 1; we'll notify you about whether your story will be part of the event by Monday 2/4.

If we don't have space for your story this time, fear not! We're hosting Psychedelic Storytelling events each season, and will have a chance for you to get involved in the future.

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What story would you like to share about psychedelics, love and romance? Please be specific - tell us your story as you would tell it to others. *
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If accepted, can you commit to being at the Clinton Street Theater on February 12, no later than 6:30 PM? *
If accepted, do you consent to your story being recorded as audio and video to be shared as part of Portland Psychedelic Society's online education activities? This in no way affects your ownership of your story; it merely grants us the right to record and share this performance. You do not need to consent to recording to participate in the event. *
The Portland Psychedelic Society does not advocate, endorse, or condone illegal activity. I understand that these stories are shared for information and free expression purposes only. *
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