Small Sat Launcher questionnaire
This questionnaire aims to retrieve verification from the Space market whether there is (EU) interest for the SMILE launcher family. In addition, it aims to push awareness to consider to use SMILE as a future dedicated launcher (more info on the SMILE project: Respondents are welcome from all over the globe, from all walks of life!
Where do you think the payload mass sweetspot is for a Small Sat launcher capability to Low Earth Orbit?
Which orbit(s) should a Small Sat launcher adress? (select all that apply)
What level of Launcher reliability would you accept as a customer?
What is the payload price per kg that you think will be competitive enough for the Small Sat launcher market?
In terms of time from-launch-contract-to-orbit, what is your expectancy of what Small Sat Launchers could deliver to customers
Do you think there is sufficient EU customer base for Small Sat launches with an EU built launcher?
What is your background? (not required)
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