COVID Loss Quilt Project
A common theme in the tradition of quilting is the memorializing of a loss. In the course of the COVID pandemic, we have lost so much: friends, loved ones, homes, jobs, plans, would-be experiences, memories, identites, well-being, and milestones… to name only a few. I want to create a quilt of found-fabrics that will help participants process some of our COVID-caused grief in a meaningful and communal way.

I am asking members of my Portland (and beyond!) community to contribute to this project. If you're reading this form, you've been invited to participate! I'd love for you to find a piece of fabric (that you'd be willing to part with) that represents or reminds you of a loss you experienced during the pandemic. Fabric submitted should be somewhat easy for me to work with (ie. nothing too heavy, like leather or waxed canvas) and be decently sized (nothing much smaller than a handkerchief). Below, you will find some questions to help me understand the fabric you'd like me to use in the quilt and how best I can hold your story of loss.

Thank you so much for your trust and participation in this process. I'm excited to see what I'll be able to create with your help and courage.

When you submit your responses to this form, I will email you to arrange fabric mailing or pick-up/drop-off (Portland, OR only) details.

With sincerity,
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Sharing as much or as little as you feel comfortable, can you describe what relationship your fabric/textile has to a loss you’ve experienced (either directly or indirectly) to COVID?
Is it ok for me to share what you’ve provided here when the quilt is finished and ready to be displayed? (Check all that are OK to publish)
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