Yes! I want to help pass I-1631
I-1631 is an important climate justice measure that would help to protect WA's air, water and climate. But it's going to be a close fight at the ballot -- the fossil fuel industry has already spent over $15 million on the misinformation campaign to defeat us.

And why are they doing this? Simple: by placing a few on our state's largest polluters, such as the fossil fuel industry, I-1631 will raise over $800 million a year for investments in climate solutions, helping to ensure that WA is able to fund the transition to a clean energy future — and we all know that a clean energy future is a future without the oil industry. That's why Big Oil is so determined to stop this. But we can't let that happen.
We are asking YOU to step-up, take responsibility for our future and get involved over the next 40+ days. Whether you only have ten minutes, or whether you can work on the campaign full-time for the next month: we need YOU.

Once you fill out the survey below, a staff member from Yes on 1631 or 350 Seattle will be in touch.

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I can send emails! (Using our email program, Voter Circle, you can quickly and easily send a personalized email to all of your WA state contacts asking them to vote Yes on 1631. All of your contacts are kept private. This takes between 5 and 7 mins.) *
I can canvass. (Canvass shifts are 2 hours long. They involve working with other Yes on 1631 volunteers to knock on doors and speak with voters that the campaign has ID'd as possible supporters) *
I can lead a canvass! (You can lead acanvass shift. Full training and support will be provided.) *
I can phone bank! (This involves making phone calls to potential voters to ask them to vote Yes on 1631. You can do it in your own time.) *
I CAN VOLUNTEER FOR THE CAMPAIGN FULL-TIME!!! (After five years of work, this is it. The next fifty days will decide whether or not we take a big step forward towards doing our bit for climate justice in WA, or whether or not the fossil fuel money will win. That's why we are asking people to step-up and volunteer fill-time for the campaign. Whether you can volunteer full-time for 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, or 4 days - WE NEED YOU!!! If you check this option an organizer of the campaign will be in touch with you with more details ASAP.) *
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