Welcome to our VIRTUAL MARKET!

May 8 - 9, 2020
May 22 - 23, 2020
*Max 40 vendors/market. Vendors can only join once/date to ensure variety for shoppers.


What's Included?
1. One Instagram Post per vendor. We will post these the week leading up to the market and encourage shoppers to check back on market day to shop.
2. Webpage presence on Virtual Market Day
3. Email subscribers get 2 days to shop! They will receive an email the night before each market to shop special discounts, have best selection, etc. This will take them to a private webpage not accessible to the public.
4. On Market day, we'll send another EBlast, utilize social media on both the Mommunity and Mommunity_Market Instagram pages to swipe up to the Virtual Market page.

How does it work?
We'll have paid advertisements running across Canada to encourage shoppers to join us.
We'll use social media marketing on both Mommunity and Mommunity Market IG pages to promote the event.
The week leading up to the market, we will post vendors participating to the Market Page.
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We saw nearly 5000 visits to our website on our April 18th Market with over 4000 unique visitors!!
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More Advertising Opportunities With Mommunity. **We decided to charge a nominal fee for swipe ups to allow more room to reshare IG stories from all vendors. Instagram only allows us to share max 100 IG stories at a time, so we hope this will help leave more room to share your stories
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Discounts are encouraged to promote sales. If you are offering a discount please indicate your offer. If you have smaller margins, You can include a promo code just for email subscribers to be used the night before the market. Please be as specific as possible in description. Alternatively, you can offer two promo's (1 for Email subscribers and 1 for the public) *
Notes/Requests for Organizer
You will receive an invoice ONLY IF your space has been approved. Your space will be held for 24hrs once invoice has been sent. Cost is $40+hst *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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