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Read Charlene A. Wilson's books FREE weeks before they are published in exchange for your honest opinion! How does it work? The team is limited to 100 members at a time. Members are admitted on a first-come, first-serve bases with preference given to those who have reviewed for Charlene A. Wilson in the past. If you are accepted into the Review Team, you will receive an email from Charlene A. Wilson and will receive your first e-book shortly after.

While there is no time limit, all Review Team members are expected to review Charlene A. Wilson's books within a timely fashion after they are read. Each team member will begin with the book of their choosing from Charlene A. Wilson's back list. When proof of review is submitted by the Team member to Charlene A. Wilson, then they will receive the next book, and so on.

A new book will not be given until the Team member has posted a review for the previous title. Members who are inactive for longer than three (3) months will be deleted from the Review Team and new members will be accepted to fill their spots. You can always re-apply if you are deleted, however, repeat offenders will be black-listed from the team.

All books received will be e-books.Team members will have their choice of .MOBI or .EPUB files. Print books and .PDF books will not be provided.

Reviews may be posted either on or Further instructions of how to post a review will be provided to Team members. **We will never ask you for a positive review.** We ask only for your honest opinion of the book you've read. However, bullying will not be tolerated. Deliberate bullying of the author and/or other Team members will result in a permanently terminated membership at the author's discretion.

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