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Values of Participatory Budgeting, Cooperatives and Social Enterprise
About this survey. (Please read, or jump straight in)
In this survey we (Shared Future CIC) are seeking to understand if there is any relationship between underlying values of participatory budgeting(PB), cooperatives and social enterprises, and then relate these to Elinor Ostrom’s principles for a self governed ‘commons’.

We want to better understand if there might be a case to saying that: Where PB happens that may encourage a culture of cooperative and social enterprise. And if so, whether that’s because of some underlying common values.

With the hope that there could be a ‘virtuous relationship’ between stronger local governance, participation and civic activism, from embedding principles of cooperation, social enterprise or governing the commons more strongly within each.

And does that work both ways? Does a culture of cooperative or social enterprise foster interest or participation in participatory budgeting?

We are asking you to rate various statements
They form different approaches to managing 'collectively owned resources'.

You do not need to be expert in these topics to participate.

We estimate this survey will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

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