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Please complete the following form to be added to the PS 20 PTA email contact list. The information you provide will be used to verify your membership in the PS 20 PTA, keep you informed, and improve PTA communications, operations, and programs. All parents and teachers are members of the PS 20 PTA. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us at
请完成下列表格以便加入PS20 PTA电邮联系录。你所提供的信息将被用于确认你在PS20 PTA的成员身份,使你被通知,增进PTA的交流、合作及各项目。所有的家长和教师都是PS20 PTA的成员。如果你有任何问题或是需要帮助,请联系我们PS20MPTA@GMAIL.COM


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I am interested in joining the following committee(s) / 我感兴趣加入下列小组
May we share your contact information with PS 20 teachers/staff? / 我们可以将你的信息与PS20的老师/员工分享吗?
Are you interested in being a grade parent? / 你有兴趣成为一名年段家长吗?
Help to coordinate and communicate with parents in my child's grade. / 帮助和孩子本年段的家长协调与沟通
Are you bilingual and able to help translate - written or spoken? / 你是双语语言者并可以帮助在写或说方面翻译吗?
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When are you able to attend meetings and events? / 什么时间你可以参加开会和活动?
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