Ball State University Trombone Day II Registration Form
Greetings! We here at the Ball State University Trombone Studio are thrilled you are planning to attend Trombone Day II, featuring guest artist Jim Pugh and of course the Cardinal Trombone Choir. It takes place SATURDAY APRIL 6. While the event is indeed free, we request that you complete this registration form so we can best prepare for the event, and also so we can stay in touch with any updates, if needed. There are two opinion questions at the end that will help us as we shape what we offer attendees for this event going forward. It should take you less than five minutes.
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Do primarily you play tenor or bass trombone? *
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What is the name of the school you attend or at which you teach? If not affiliated with a school, write "n/a." *
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If you are in high school, are you interested in performing on the High Schooler Master Class? That would involve you performing three minutes of music of your choosing in front of the group then having Dr. Van Hof work with you on that music or your technique. *
If you take private lessons, please share your teacher's email address (optional)
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Are you planning to attend the entire day? We HIGHLY suggest that you do (it will run from 9AM until around 7PM, with meal breaks included). Only those attending all day will enjoy performing on the closing concert. *
Opinion question: if it was provided, would you purchase a pizza lunch (including chips and drink) to eat with fellow attendees for $7? Otherwise, lunch would be on your own. Based on responses, we will decide on the group pizza lunch two weeks in advance of the event. *
Opinion question: if is was provided, would you purchase an event t-shirt for $20? Based on responses, we will decide on offering t-shirts one month prior to the event. *
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