Finatch Exchange Coin/Token Listing Request Form
Completing this form is the FIRST step in a new coin listing on Finatch Exchange.


Listing on BTC Markets only $500 worth of FIN coin.
Listing on FIN markets only $300 worth of FIN coin.
Listing on either BTCandFIN or ETHandFIN Markets $900 worth of FIN coin.
Listing on either FINandUSDT or BTCandUSDT Markets $1,800 worth of FIN coin.
Listing on BTC, FIN, ETH, USDT, BCH, LTC, and ZEC Markets $10,000 worth of FIN coin.

Note: The Above Listing Price is only for ERC20 or ERC223 Ethereum based Tokens and BTC,LTCandETH Coin Clones.
Any New Blockchain Design will attract an extra charge of $500 worth of FIN coin.
In case we were not able to List your Coin/Token on our exchange a refund will be processed in FIN value with a charge of 5% of the payment sent to us to process refunds.
Only accepted payment method is FIN coin you can purchase FIN coin on these exchanges:
Finatch Exchange -
Binance Exchange -
GYM Exchange -

NON-CONSENSUS CHANGING WALLET UPDATE: $750 worth of FIN coin. (free after at least 30 days of last update/listing)

Please note that:
*Failure to inform us at least 7 days in advance of a consensus changing update will incur 200% of the above fees.
*If you did not inform us about the consensus update, you are liable and are required to compensate any damage caused by any credits to an invalid chain.
*Tickers cannot be changed after an asset has been created.

Other important notes
If your daemon source code produces any kind of financial damage to Finatch Exchange by malfunctioning or containing serious bugs or exploits, you agree to fully compensate for all damage. We will always compile from the LATEST OFFICIAL RELEASE of your GitHun.

Please ensure that your ticker is NOT already used by another project. Confirm with both a search from and from that your ticker is unique.

Finatch Exchange requires a minimum daily volume threshold of 0.25BTC or 100,000FIN per Day, averaged over 30 days. if the threshold is not met in 2 consecutive months we may choose to delist your coin. you will be notified after 30 days if trading volume has been insufficient.

We do not currently support NEO (or NEP5 tokens). Newly implemented protocols will be announced when availiable.

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