Volunteer application 2021 ⛹️
Ansökningsformuläret på svenska: https://forms.gle/1eNq4FEoJtyx54sE9 🏁

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students' Engineering and Data Science reception needs help from a lot of lovely volunteers to realise this years reception. ✨

Join us behind the scenes, meet other engaged people and accumulate valuable experience for your future! As a gesture of gratitude for your work, you'll recieve a volunteer certificate, a nice patch for your overall or coat and an invitation to a "thank you" dinner party! No prior experience is requested! 🙏

To be a volunteer you need to be a member of UUESS (UTN) and you also need to participate in the volunteer education, taking place on Sunday, August 22. ✔️

You can apply for the following volunteer positions:

🥏Activity volunteer - Take the chance to be a game leader for a day and guide the new students into the student life during Expedition Recce!

🤹FLUM volunteer (23/8) - Help Fadderkå arrange awesome games and festive quests to make the Monday party the new students first and best night during the reception!

🍔BBQ volunteer - Bring your crazy BBQ-skills and supply hungry students with burgers during the pub nights in the big tent!

🥳Klassfest volunteer - Experience the fantastic atmosphere at a klassfest, act as serving staff and maybe even watch some wonderful spex!

🍳Kitchen volunteer - Let your culinary side step forward by helping Köx prepare and serve delicious food during a Klassfest or the Sting festival!

🌯Lunch event volunteer - Make a good impression on the company of your dreams, help Sponsarna assist companies and hand out lunches during the lunch events!

🍻Beverage volunteer - Be a bartender for a night, help Skum serve tasty drinks to thirsty students during the class parties and club nights in the big tent and also the Sting Festival!

🛠️Rigging volunteer (16/8) - Find your inner tent constructor by helping Fix build up the grand reception area during the rig!

🌃Night volunteer - Challenge your adventurous side, along with two or three friends, get some nice snacks and spend a lovely night in the big tent! You get breakfast the following morning, of course!

🏐Volleyballunteer (Sting Festival 28-29/8) - Be a referee during the raffling volleyball tournament that takes place during the Sting Festival!

🧇Wafflunteer - Are waffles your favorite dish? Hang out with Mediakå and assist them in arranging an unforgettable waffle brunch with associated activities!

🙋 För mer information om volontärsposterna: http://recce.se
❓ För övriga frågor tveka inte att kontakta Joel på krims@recce.utn.se
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