Musikgarten 2021
Musikgarten is an early childhood music education program that uses songs, movement games, instruments and listening to teach children to love music, to develop musical skills which can be used throughout all of life, to stimulate cognitive development and develop the whole child.

Music and movement form a foundation for language development, high-order thinking and a sense of community. It links kinesthetic/tactile learning with visual/auditory learning and also uses gross motor movement. This fall we are using the curriculum God’s Children Sing. Mrs. Blanchard also incorporates her own unique activities for beginning music reading.

What is the class schedule?
Musikgarten meets weekly from 11:00 to 11:45 am at Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church, 22646 Benswood Road, California, MD. Classes begin Monday, October 4th, and run through Monday, December 13th. Early arrivers
can take advantage of music centers.

What are the fees?
The fee for the semester is $220, non-refundable. Tag-a-long siblings attend at no charge. A tag-a-long sibling is a sibling who attends who is not in the targeted age range of 3-5 years old. They may participate in the activities, but some activities may not be appropriate for their developmental age.

What do the parents do in class?
Parents attend and participate in classes right along with their child(ren). Parents should not try to control children’s musical behavior or teach during class, but simply watch the teacher and act as a model. Smile, sing, move, do everything the teacher does. Of course, in extreme circumstances when a child becomes disruptive, we ask that you take the child outside so that class can continue without losing its flow.

Don’t become alarmed if your child doesn’t perfectly adhere to the directions. Each child is at his or her own unique stage of development and learning. It may be that s/he will be more comfortable observing for awhile or perhaps be so absorbed in doing that s/he forgets the group. Behaviors are acceptable as long as children are not going to hurt themselves or another child, break something or disrupt the flow of the lesson. We want structure, but not for structure’s sake. Good behavior allows everyone to get the most out of each class.

What do we do when we first arrive?
Children should place their name tag on their chest and begin to explore the music centers. When Mrs. Blanchard sings “Let us make a circle”, we all gather in a circle in the middle of the room and sing our welcome song. We do not wear shoes in Musikgarten classes so please line them up by the door when you arrive. Socks are recommended.

What materials do you use in class?
Our instruments are designed to be developmentally appropriate for young children. Those that are more difficult to use will be carefully supervised.
Rhythm Sticks
Hand drums
Jingle sticks
Resonator Bells (and other barred instruments)

How can I learn more and register?
Check out for more information. We will follow the Covid
guidelines as required by Grace and Peace Church facility.
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