LIVE WEBINAR: Adoption-Friendly Workplaces
Date: Wed, 11th Nov 2020
Time: 2 pm - 3 pm HKG
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你的公司有「領養假」嗎? Does your company provide adoption leave? *
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你對香港的領養過程有多少認知?(1 代表很少 5代表很多)How familiar are you with the adoption process in HK? (1 not familiar at all, 5 very familiar) *
你最想從這個網路研討會得知什麼訊息/ 你想在研討會前提出的問題?What do you most want to learn from this webinar/ questions you want to ask prior to the webinar?
這個網路研討會將以廣東話舉行, 你無法參加, 但想透過電郵收到相關的領養英文資料, 請選是. Webinar will be conducted in Cantonese. Please select yes if you can't join, but still want to receive adoption leave policies related information in English via email.
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你如何得知有這個網路研討會?How did you hear about this webinar? *
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