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ABOUT US: is India's most detailed college search engine and a global new-age education platform for alternate careers with 35+ courses and 300+ premium videos. We are empowering the youth globally to build their passion into profession.

If you consider yourself a misfit, a storyteller, an out-of-box thinker, a man/woman of massive vision or a passionate rebel bubbling with energy, then we are looking for you exclusively. You will be required to lead the charge for a global new-age education platform that aims to empower youth to build their passion to profession. You will be telling us what to do! (though we are very very selective in choosing the right ‘crazy’ people). On work front, you will be trained and will be working in alignment with blue ocean strategy, marketing, negotiation, growth hacking, video production, content and brand awareness. We are looking for long term core-members for a bigger vision of making youth independent!

1. No prior requirements except for the fact that you must be full crazy and passionate to skill yourself and shine.
2. A go-getter and hustler who can lead independently and trusts his/her instincts.
3. If you haven’t got a stage to show what you have got, we are here!
4. 3 months of commitment.

1. Certificate
2. Stipend : Rs. 5000-25000/mo
3. You will be trained in new-age digital skills like website, videos, design, strategy etc.
4. Excellent Income (if you are smart, you can really nail it) along with practical and highly skilled learning.
5. Dynamic transformation of personality if you want to “arrive” at the big stage.

WHO CAN APPLY: anyone whether you are a college student, in school, marketer, employee, employer. We are looking for change-makers rather.

WORK PLACE: Work from home

DURATION: 3 months min


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Do you want to learn video editing, marketing, entrepreneurship, networking and why (Do mention if you have any prior experience)? Just because everybody is doing it today or do you see it as future (if yes, why)? *
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