eLearning Metacourse Request
Please fill out all the fields in the form below for tracking and managing metacourses in eLearning.
Definitions and Standard Procedures
A metacourse is a course that is linked to one or more course to combine student enrollment.
For example, if you are teaching three sections of a course: BIB 100-01, BIB100-02 and BIB 100-03, instead of managing three course pages in eLearning you manage only one. You would request that the three courses are linked and make one the primary course.

All requests will be processed within one business day.
Instructor Name
Instructor Email
Course Semester
Course Code and URL
List the courses to link in eLearning. Post the course code and the URL to the course from eLearning: e.g. EDU 402-00 https://elearning.cairn.edu/course/view.php?id=22015 to improve the accuracy of fulfilling your request.
Course One
Course Two
Course Three
Course Four
Determine Main Course
Determine the main course you will maintain. Tips for selecting your main course:
For undergraduate courses in which you teach multiple sections of the same course, select the lower number e.g. section 00 or section 01.

If your course has both undergraduate and graduate sections, select the graduate section as your main course to demonstrate that the course is graduate-level for the graduate students.
List the primary course.
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