S2 into S3 Elective Preference Form 2021-22
For S3, you will continue to study some subjects, but have a choice of others. The information in this form shows you the electives you can choose from and allows you to submit your preferences to us.

As part of the options process, you will have an individual meeting with your guidance teacher. Your parent/guardian is also invited to this meeting. Before the meeting, you should study this form carefully and think about the subjects you would prefer to take. These preferences should consist of subjects you enjoy as well as subjects that may help with a particular career pathway.

You can find information about the different courses in the options booklet, which is available on the school website. Please study this booklet carefully before meeting with your guidance teacher.

You can also make an appointment with a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) adviser. They can help you explore a particular career path or help you think about the opportunities that could be available to you in the future based on your hobbies and/or interests. This may help you make decisions about your electives for S3.

Should you wish to make an appointment with SDS, please use the following contact details.

Diarmid, Fingal and Somerled pupils: margaret.bennett@sds.co.uk
Ossian pupils: kristina.martin@sds.co.uk

**All forms must be submitted by Monday 22 February 2021**
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The S3 Curriculum
In your Broad General Education in S3 you will study; 3 periods of English & Maths, 2 periods of P.E & RME and 1 period of PSEd each week.

You also have the chance to personalise your timetable and to specialise in several areas of your choice.

You must choose 1 Science, 1 Socials Subject, 1 Expressive Art and 1 Technologies subject. However, there are 3 additional “free choices” you can make that will allow you to take up to 3 subjects in each area, should you wish.

Choosing a language is highly recommended in order to maintain a balanced curriculum but is not compulsory.

**All forms must be submitted by Monday 22 February 2021.**
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