Bitcoin Cash 2020 Birthday Celebration
Welcome! This is the onboarding form to participate in the 1 Aug 2020 BCH 2020 Birthday Celebration event. This is not the form to register to attend the conference. This is for behind-the-scenes programming and organization.
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Main Stage Talks
Main stage talks are the main event during the conference and are suitable for talks, presentations, organized panel discussions, etc. Speaking slots are usually 30 or 60 minutes max.
If you want to organize a main stage talk, presentation, panel discussion, etc, please provide your detailed proposal including (a) topic (b) presenter/participants (c) time requested and other relevant data
Breakout Sessions
A breakout session, also known as a breakout meeting or workshop session, is generally a workshop, discussion, or presentation on a specific topic that serves as a portion of the agenda of a larger program, seminar, conference, or convention. Breakout sessions happen in parallel with the main stage and are usually focused on more specific topics and/or on producing some kind of work product.
If you want to organize a breakout session, please provide your detailed proposal including (a) topic (b)participants and other relevant data
Business & Project Expo
The business & project expo is a space where businesses, projects and individuals can show off their BCH-related projects, products, proposals and more to conference attendees.
If you want to have a virtual table/booth at the business & project expo, please provide your detailed proposal including (a) business or project name (b)website and other relevant data
We are offering sponsorship opportunities as well. For 2.5 BCH, place your logo among the event sponsors with a link back where feasible. We will also include your logo on the event main page as well as in event publicity on social media and wherever else feasible.
If you would like to sponsor the event, please provide a link to your logo, link back and your sponsorship goals, i.e., what you hope to achieve by sponsorsing this event, so that we can help you achieve those goals.
Feedback? Want to help?
To help organize the event, please join Thanks for your participation and support. Together, we are building the future of Bitcoin Cash! Contact:
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