香港各國際、英基屬下學校校友就修訂《逃犯條例》之聯署聲明 International and ESF schools students' statement on Extradition Law Amendment in Hong Kong

* 聲明並不代表聯署人各校方、校友會以及附屬組織之官方立場。This statement does not represent the official views of its signatories' respective schools and alumni associations.

We are a group of deeply concerned alumni and students from Hong Kong’s various international and ESF-managed schools. Purportedly in response to the “legal loophole” made apparent by last year’s tragic murder of a Hong Kong permanent resident by another Hong Kong permanent resident in Taiwan, the HKSAR Government is initiating the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Cap. 503) (“the FOO”) and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance (Cap 525) (“the MLAO”).

While our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the murder victim, and we hope that justice will be served to the perpetrator, we do not believe that the Government’s proposed amendments will resolve the issue. In fact, we are concerned that the passing of the proposed amendments may open a Pandora’s Box to potential human rights abuses and compromise Hong Kong’s rule of law. The main reasons are as follows:

1) If the proposed amendments are passed, anyone in Hong Kong – regardless of residency status – may become a subject of extradition to any country in the world, including mainland China, so long as a) he/she is a suspect of at least one of the 37 prescribed offences; and b) the offence carries a maximum penalty of [7] years imprisonment and is triable on indictment in Hong Kong;

2) According to the current proposal, the Chief Executive will have discretion in authorizing extradition requests from any foreign jurisdictions including jurisdictions that are known for the prevalence of human rights abuses. As it stands, there is no mechanism in place to hold the Chief Executive accountable to the decision he/she makes on whether or not to authorize an extradition request. There is also no transparency as to how the Chief Executive may come about his/her decision – we simply do not know the factors he/she will consider when authorizing or otherwise of an extradition request; and

3) Once the Chief Executive has authorized the extradition request of a foreign jurisdiction, the Hong Kong courts’ role is limited to reviewing the extradition documents provided by the foreign authority in question to see if a prima facie case against the suspect can be substantiated. The Hong Kong courts do not and will not have the authority to examine the human rights records of the foreign jurisdiction, let alone refuse extradition on the ground of poor human rights records and/or an unsatisfactory legal/judicial system.

In light of the aforesaid, we are particularly worried and troubled about the prospect of mainland China using the backdoor that is opened by the Government’s proposed amendments to persecute dissidents, political activists, or simply anyone the Chinese government perceives as being an eye-sore. This concern is exacerbated by the prevalence of human rights abuses in mainland China and the deficiency of its opaque, corrupt criminal justice system. Furthermore, the fact that mainland China has yet to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (“the ICCPR”) is at least suggestive of its reluctance to maintain human rights at an international-standard - it is counter-intuitive to hand over a suspect from Hong Kong, a jurisdiction that has entrenched the ICCPR into its legal framework, to a jurisdiction that refuses to incorporate internationally-recognized human rights into its legal system. Perhaps, it is precisely for these reasons that Hong Kong has not signed an extradition treaty with mainland China for 22 years since the Handover.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive is, regrettably, not democratically elected. As such, we have real reason to fear that the Chief Executive may succumb to the pressure of the mainland government if it requests an extradition, particularly given that Hong Kong courts can only provide limited safeguards.

We question the Government’s motivation in abandoning established legislative procedures and putting forward the proposed amendments with unprecedented haste. For a bill that has such drastic and far-reaching implications, a public consultation period of merely 20 days is grossly insufficient. Worse yet, pro-government legislators have voted to bypass debate and scrutiny of the proposed amendments by the Legislative Council’s Bills Committee for direct tabling in the Legislative Council’s House Committee.

Since the Government's introduction of the proposed amendments in February 2019, hundreds of thousands of Hongkongers have taken to the streets to voice their opinions. Various local and international politicians, businesses, associations, and industry leaders have also expressed their concerns on the potential adverse effects the proposed amendments may have on Hong Kong should they be passed. We cannot afford to bear the grave consequences of the proposed amendments on our individual rights and liberties. We fear that the proposed amendments, if passed, will result in collateral damage of the well-being of the Hong Kong society and its eminent status as Asia’s World City.

We urge the Government to refrain from taking a step that may cause immeasurable damage to the city and call on it to shelf its proposed amendments until further and more comprehensive consultation can be done.

發起人 Co-organizers
Wilson Leung, French International School, 2000
Vickie Lui, Hong Kong International School, 1997
Jun Pang, Canadian International School, 2015
Elson Tong, King George V School, 2010

聯絡人 Contact

聯署者 (不斷更新)Signatures (continuously updated)

為保障私隱,我們不會顯示現屆學生聯署者的全名。Names of current students are partially redacted for privacy reasons.

English name (full) / 英文全名 Chinese name (full) / 中文全名 School / 學校 Graduation Year / 畢業年份
Morris Hung SIS 2017
Tony Chen KGV 2011
Joy Ming King CDNIS 2015
Yvonne Tong YCIS 2005
Stanley Leung SIS 2012
Li Ka Shing Oscar 李家成 YCIS 2009
CH Wong LPCUWC 2004
Ellie Tse LPCUWC 2014
Jeffrey Ngo RCHK 2013
Jessie Ho HKIS 2006
Marcus Lau 劉以正 LPCUWC 2014
Melanie Wai Yi Johnson ICS 2000
Chung Cheuk Ying LPCUWC 2018
Felix Tsang 曾憲玟 KGV 2008
Law LPCUWC 2019
Kwok Siu Pang 郭紹鵬 LPCUWC 2016
Wing Ki Winki Chan LPCUWC 2014
Mira Chow SIS 2017
Edwin Chung RCHK 2013
Lee LPCUWC 2019
Vianna Chan KGV 2016
Britta Franceschi (Hutchinson) HKIS 2006
Larisa Leung LPCUWC 2016
Moin Haider LPCUWC 1998
Pooja Kumar HKIS 2009
YY Wong CDNIS 2015
Hazel Wan Hei Leung 梁允希 RCHK/UWC Atlantic 2016
Christine Halliday RCHK 2014
Leung Yue Kiu Mark 梁裕翹 STC 2013
Winky Hui YCIS 1999
Jacqueline Wong LPCUWC 2016
Tiffany Wong STC 2010
Jessica Tan 陳寧生 HKIS 2013
Jimmy Lui 呂仲明 LPCUWC 1998
Cass Chan LPCUWC 1998
Mike Luk LPCUWC 1997
Pang Hoi Lam 彭愷琳 LPCUWC 2018
Edward Chan KGV 2010
Carla Isley HKIS 2008
Lo HKIS 2019
Wu Wing Lam Lamgi 胡詠淋 KGV 2007
Clifford Lam HKIS 1999
Melanie Adamson York university 1988
Leung LPCUWC 2019
Stephanie Kwong LPCUWC 2018
Yvonne Styles HKIS 2009
Sonia Li HKIS 2003
Rui-Jun Kai Yuan Chuah 蔡睿君愷媛 KGV 2008
Sandy Wong ESF 1997
Vicky Wong LPCUWC 2003
Wendy Lee Tsang Discovery N/A
Kakay Ho HKIS 2003
Yan Sham-Shackleton IS 1992
Cedric Wong RCHK 2014
Elliott Suen WIS 2016
Charlotte Douglas Exeter University 1996
Myra Ma LPCUWC 2018
Abe Chau 周駿軒 RCHK 2016
Yukiko Lui WIS 2015
Maximillian Wu LPCUWC 2008
Vanessa May Manchester STC 2001
Li KGV 2019
Chan KCCIS 2019
Martin E. Schmidt HKIS 1983
Jacqueline Yu WIS 2008
Rohan Bannerji RC 2017
Liam Overseas school 2021
Edwin Lee FIS 1998
Karen Leung KGV 2001
Irene Kar Wai Chee KGV 2001
Sheldon Li HKIS 2005
Emily Lim STC 2014
Jeffrey Yeung CIS 2011
Hung Chung Huen 洪誦萱 LPCUWC 2016
Vince Fung GSIS 2012
Vincent Wan YCIS 2010
Law Chung Him, Billy 羅仲謙 KGV 1998
Victoria Chan Ho Yan WIS 2000
Terence Tse IS 2001
Kwok Kei Pik LPCUWC 2017
Gloria Wong UNISA 2006
Hiu Yee Chung 鍾曉怡 STC 2005
Li Richard Ruiqi KGV 2011
Kong Hang Yee Angel 江幸兒 IS 1989
A HKIS 2019
Adam Buttrill 爱燈 LPCUWC 2013
Vera Chiu STC 2002
Law Man Wing Vanessa 羅文穎 KGV 2002
Lydia Leung MLC school 1995
Justina Chong CIS 2004
Susana S. C. Mateus IST - PT 2000
Ching Ya Ho CDNIS 2011
Persephone Yuen STC 2000
Peony Ng 吳家樂 AIS 2009
Terence Ka Chun Lo 盧嘉俊 STC 2002
Eli Most LPCUWC 2014
Wong Long Hei Sean 黄朗僖 IS 2020
Wing Hei Emily Cheng WIS 2014
Benny Cheung ESF TY 2017
Samantha Borje LPCUWC 2014
Kenneth Chan LPCUWC 2008
Ryan SIS 2022
Thebes Law STC 2011
Tang KCIS 2020
Audrey Lo Hiu Yan LPCUWC 2015
F SIS 2022
Li LPCUWC 2019
Cheng Chi Shun Jason KCCIS 2015
F SIS 2024
Priscilla Kong SIS 2012
Heidi Tsang 曾凱婷 CDNIS 1999
Ng IS 2023
Suzanne Hugo FIS 1997
Alexandros Yum 任瀛智 KGV 2002
Elizabeth Lee 李信諾 RCHK 2017
Kan Cheuk Yan Ruby 簡卓昕 RCHK 2011
Yves Lee 李苑瑩 KGV 2008
Vicky Lee WIS 2013
Alexandra Cheng LPCUWC 2014
Monica Aoko Ariwi FIS 2010
Kathy Lo Tsz Kei STC 2015
Lee Tim Wai Timothy 李添威 Discovery 1996
Hoi Ying Cheung RCHK 2013
William Potts CIS 2004
Wong KGV 2022
Ringo Chu KGV 2007
Evan Fowler 方禮倫 KGV and STC 1997
Peter Sabine 沙彼得 CIS 1999
Rhoda Chiu CAIS 2008
Kwok ICHK 2021
Chika Kitaoka ICS 2004
Deanna Kwok STC 2002
Ho RCHK 2021
Bosco Wong SRIS 2016
Natasha Chak CIS 2014
Ng Chun Yin Justin 吳俊賢 STC 2018
Jessie Lo HKIS 2018
W SIS 2022
Charmaine Fong HKIS 2018
Kaylene Yen Ni Houng-Lee CIS 2007
Lai CSS 2019
Anson Wong RCHK 2018
Kar Yu Wong 黃珈榆 RCHK 2016
Haylie Tsang 曾凱晴 RCHK 2018
Rex Fung RCHK 2018
Kwan Wing Yee Wendy LPCUWC 2007
Chris Niem GSIS 2007
Chu Man Hin Jimmy 朱汶軒 RCHK 2018
Min Hsu Bradbury 2003
Constance Liao STC 2014
Karen Chan LPCUWC 1996
Cameron Koo ISFA 2016
H IS 2024
Horace Yiu 姚旭恆 RCHK 2018
Ho CIS 2020
Tina Wong RCHK 2014
Stephanie Wong LPCUWC 2008
Keith Mak ISFA 2013
Clarice Cheung CIS 2004
Yick Wong 黃奕霖 KGV 2003
Viola Yu LPCUWC 2003
Tina Chan AIS 2001
Lam Tsz Ying Phoebe 林芷瑩 CAIS 2008
Michelle Kwong KGV 2008
Michelle Ng LPCUWC 2014
Yu Ching Yau RCHK 2015
Cheung LPCUWC 2019
Wong Sze Ki CAIS 2008
James Ma RCHK 2018
K CAIS 2019
Ying Ngai Yu 余英毅 CIS 2017
J KCCIS 2027
Eugene Ho 何豫雋 VSA 2010
Lisa Lau YCIS 2002
Sharon Yeung SIS 2006
Ip Ngo Tin 葉傲天 ICHK 2017
Chu Chun Ming RCHK 2016
Adrian Ma SIS 2012
Katherine Siu SIS 2005
Hugh Kam GSIS 2004
Mariza Kwong 鄺筠婷 CAIS 2017
Nicholas Chan AIS 1997
Naomi Lam RCHK 2016
Eugene Lin LPCUWC 2016
Sarah Lung CAIS 2010
Corinna Wong 王焯昕 HKIS 2016
Natalie Lam ICS 2015
Lianna Li Ling Wei 李鈴蔚 LPCUWC 2017
Winnie Kwan KGV 2002
Lee Cheuk Him Marvin CSS 2018
George Bertram FIS 1999
Nicole WIS 2020
Wong Sze Yung 黃詩蓉 LPCUWC 2016
Chen CIS 2020
Jessica Chong CIS 2004
Kirsty Marie Pocock CIS 1999
See Long Sheron Cheung 章詩朗 SIS 2012
Tiffany Heung YCIS 2018
Nick Cheng LPCUWC 2014
Joachim Sjoberg KGV 2007
Lam Discovery 2024
Sam WIS 2019
Joyce Chan YCIS 2004
Lau LPCUWC 2019
Jennifer Chan SIS 2005
Sarah Niu RCHK 2016
Joshua Lee STC 2016
Clare Irene Jolly IS 1989
Kinen Kao 高永謙 ISFA 2018
Jessica Mak CAIS 2001
Jason Pang KGV 2002
Cherry Lui YCIS 2018
Alston Lui KCCIS 2018
Steven Lewis IS 1989
Hans VSA 2008
Chloe RCHK 2019
Shoko Ishihara FIS 1999
Anthony Si 施逸嘉 LPCUWC 1997
Noreen Mir SIS 2003
Thomas Li 李澹寧 LPCUWC 2018
Olivia Jin LPCUWC 2016
Ivan Yang 楊澤銓 LPCUWC 2017
Koel Chu LPCUWC 2014
Marcella Chan RCHK 2015
Michelle Tennant CIS 2004
Imogen Yih 葉永昕 HKIS 2016
Michelle Pardini ICS 1998
Tiffany Ki WIS 2012
Lester Lee STC 2003
Tsz Wai Pun RCHK 2015
Judy Lee 李易澄 KGV 2017
Yan AIS 2022
Vivian Ho ICS 2010
Katherine Kwok 郭皓昕 HKIS 2014
Ben Coniam WIS 2009
Grace Lee STC 2006
Natalie Chen RCHK 2015
Lorraine Lau CDNIS 2013
Julian Chow KGV 2016
Kristy Lee KGV 2016
Lo Pak Hei Ivan ISFA 2016
Gabriel Chan 陳敬華 LPCUWC 2018
Dason Yu Discovery 2007
Andrew Chan 陳頌曦 YCIS 2017
Kam Hoi Ling YCIS 2009
Joey Wong KGV 2016
Angela Poon VSA 2017
Ayami Kan CDNIS 2013
Emma Tsang 曾子晴 KGV 2003
Thomas LPCUWC 2020
Cherry Chow YCIS 2010
Lok Hui Ching 陸栩澄 IS 2018
Jake Tse KGV 2018
Sunny Chan LPCUWC 2012
Benedict A. LPCUWC 2012
Charlene STC 2002
I Tam LPCUWC 2007
KL Kelly Chan LPCUWC 2004
Chang KCCIS 2021
Wong KCCIS 2019
Ingrid Tsang CIS 2018
Pasu Tam AIS 2015
Griffith Cheng LPCUWC 2012
Yuen KCCIS 2021
Sabrina Ki WIS 2013
Mandy Lee LPCUWC 2007
Yan Jun Tsui 徐昕俊 RCHK 2015
Joyce Yim STC 2012
Howard Chae WIS 2016
Kasa Chan YCIS 2018
G KCCIS 2021
Alicia Dang LPCUWC 2007
Samuel James Inglis STC 2009
Daphne Tsang CAIS 2012
Ingrid Claire Chan 陳宗渝 RCHK 2016
Chrystina Martel STC 2009
Y SIS 2021
Neilson Hamill HKIS 1997
Choy Hiu Ying 蔡曉瑩 LPCUWC 2007
Janice Wong SIS 2005
Maggie Ma STC 2002
Szeen Pok Yung Chester 冼璞鏞 LPCUWC 2016
Serena Yiu WIS 2015
Charlene Cheung STC 2002
Milton Chow CDNIS 2016
Cheng KCCIS 2021
Anthony Chiang KGV 2011
Christy Kwok STC 2018
Ruby Ho CDNIS 1994
Nicole Wong Ching Ching 黃靖晴 SIS 2017
An KCCIS 2019
Victoria Pei SIS 2018
Naomi Fok 霍洢橋 QBS 2017
T QBS 2019
Phyllis Choi RCHK 2015
Chen Wu Juang RCHK 2007
Desiree Wong 王迦迦 KGV 2016
Yi Go 吳顗 KGV 2016
Aaron Ng 吳逸朗 STC 2009
Kitty Lee HKIS 1998
Pamela Chan STC 2008
Don Cruz KGV 1997
Matthew Tai STC 2008
Alexander Liu ISFA 2017
Chun Yin Lau 劉俊彥 RCHK 2017
Kwan Tsz Ching Natalie IS 2012
Yunyi Yu 余允怡 GSIS 2004
Szeto Ching 司徒澄 LPCUWC 2015
Lam Man Yan Priscilla LPCUWC 2017
Alan Poon STC 1997
Joshua Ho CDNIS 2012
Patti Lam 林曉楠 RCHK 2017
Liu Ying Ying 廖盈盈 RCHK 2015
Cheong Tze Long RCHK 2008
Matthew LPCUWC 2017
Andy Yu WIS 2005
Chiu Vincent Chi Wai 趙之維 STC 2007
Alex Chung CDNIS 2004
Chan STC 2021
Lam IS 2023
Cheung RCHK 2022
Justin Louie 雷嘉昆 CIS 2005
Chung Cheuk Lam RCHK 2014
Siu Ching Ip 葉肇禎 RCHK 2017
L CDNIS 2020
Kyle Sirong Hu 胡斯融 CIS 2018
Corliss Lam CAIS/Overseas 2018
Martin So LPCUWC 2010
Peter Ngan KGV 2002
Cheung Po Yun Maggie CIS 2007
Nicole Yang RCHK 2018
Alexander Lee 李祥盛 FIS 1998
Saw Ngai Mun Edmund 蘇毅文 CIS 1997
Bok Wai LPCUWC 2015
Chow Chun Yi Johnny 周俊義 可立中學 1989
Lo RCHK 2019
Hei RCHK 2019
Kylie Chan HKIS 1998
Chan SJS 2023
Cordelia Chloé Hui Ling Poon 潘煦齡 RCHK 2018
Woo Yat Ming Peter 胡日明 KGV 1999
Wong KIS 2021
Au Wing Yan SIS 2012
Ho RCHK 2020
K RCHK 2020
Li RCHK 2021
Chan RCHK 2020
Chu RCHK 2020
Leung RCHK 2020
Tsang RCHK 2020
Ruby Wong RCHK 2018
Cheung RCHK 2020
Ma SIS 2020
Lee RCHK 2020
Jayrice Lee RCHK 2018
Chan SIS 2020
Man Nok Hung KGV 2018
Kong ICHK 2020
Claudia RCHK 2017
Tang Yuet Yan Jocelyn 鄧悦昕 Discovery 2018
Yan Yau Cheng 鄭恩祐 Discovery 2018
Lee CIS 2020
Yip RCHK 2020
Jessica B RCHK 2018
Toh Discovery 2020
Man Chun Hei Benjamin 萬俊希 SIS 2017
J CIS 2021
Jen Harrow 2019
Sung CIS 2020
Ng Harrow 2024
Thomas AIS 2020
S AIS 2020
Ng Harrow 2019
Wong AIS 2022
Chiu Delia 2020
A Discovery 2021
Yuen IS 2020
Rachel YMCA 2020
Chen CIS 2021
Leung Harrow 2020
E Discovery 2022
Chan RCHK 2019
Li Delia 2020
Wong Harrow 2021
Ho RCHK 2020
Tsang Harrow 2020
Tsang Harrow 2022
Z Singapore 2020
Katherine Maria Wong Discovery 2018
Kong ICHK 2020
Yip Harrow 2019
James Harrow 2020
Thomas AIS 2022
Walker Chow RCHK 2017
Sabrina Chan 陳蓁桃 CIS 2018
K Discovery 2022
Gwyneth Law ESF 2016
V Harrow 2020
Lo CIS 2021
Wong STC 2021
Chung RCHK 2021
Tsz Wai Kwok SIS 2018
Rachel RCHK 2023
E ICS 2020
Chan Harrow 2020
Chan RCHK 2023
Cheung KCCIS 2020
I RCHK 2021
Yang SIS 2021
Ching RCHK 2021
Jain RCHK 2023
L STC 2022
Jocelyn Chan Discovery 2017
Poon Chiu Kin Larry 潘照鍵 STC 2017
Lam SIS 2020
H CIS 2020
Kim SIS 2021
Wong Harrow 2018
Lee IS 2020
Pang Harrow 2019
L WIS 2021
E WIS 2022
Yuk Tsun Wong 黃淯浚 RCHK 2018
A Harrow 2017
Cynthia Leung KGV 2017
Kong SIS 2021
Yuen CIS 2020
Zhang Harrow 2020
Lim RCHK 2021
Nicole HKIS 2021
D KIS 2021
J WIS 2020
Ng Harrow 2020
A VSA 2019
A HKIS 2022
L SIS 2020
Lai AIS 2019
S IS 2022
C WIS 2020
Chung WIS 2020
Tim SIS 2020
Lee SIS 2020
Liang KGV 2023
H RCHK 2023
A WIS 2020
Tse RCHK 2020
Ng RCHK 2021
Cheung RCHK 2020
Jing Charmaine Au-Yeung 歐陽靖 KGV 2017
Lee AIS 2021
Sarah HKIS 2020
Chris HKIS 2021
Ho Wang Ip RCHK 2018
Rucia Cho STC 2016
Dan RCHK 2020
Ch LPCUWC 2019
Ch William Penn 2023
Sophie WIS 2020
Wong RCHK 2020
G WIS 2022
I SIS 2020
Ng Qian Wen SIS 2016
Alexander Li KGV 2017
Sheik Maaz Milfer IS 2017
El HKIS 2021
B Delia 2020
Lam RCHK 2024
Cheung CIS 2020
A Elsa 2020
Ng WIS 2021
Lau AIS 2020
F Home School 2022
Cheng ICHK 2020
Cheung CIS 2019
Sylvia Lee CIS 1994
Alfonso Marcus Saturnino Perez HKIS 2018
V CIS 2022
Tiffany CIS 2019
El Harrow 2020
Brian TAS 2021
Ryan Discovery 2020
T Discovery 2020
Cheung WIS 2019
Chloe K CDNIS 2013
Choi CIS 2022
Jo CIS 2021
SK WIS 2020
Rene Leung 梁欣庭 CIS 1999
Kwok KGV 2021
T Discovery 2020
Elizabeth RCHK 2019
L RCHK 2023
K RCHK 2023
Oscar Lee 李翊 STC 2018
Yu RCHK 2021
A Discovery 2020
H CIS 2020
Anne-Sophie Schulz YMCA 2017
Anna-Kaisa Kipronen LPCUWC 2001
A CIS 2020
Chan AIS 2019
Yu RCHK 2022
Emily Discovery 2020
L CIS 2020
Chan Discovery 2020
Cheng RCHK 2020
Jane Wong SIS 2017
Tsang RCHK 2022
Sophia Mie Iimura STC 2016
Claire CIS 2020
Ryan Yuen Chong Lee STC 2018
Chen Discovery 2021
Marissa Mak STC 2018
Ch STC 2019
So RCHK 2019
Danielle Leung STC 2018
Miranda GW STC 2016
Andrea Ho SIS 2017
Li CAIS 2021
Eric Singapore 2021
Michalina Raj UEA 2018
Lotto Tsao RCHK 2018
Liu GSIS 2021
Vissu Javvaji STC 2015
A CIS 2022
Lau CAIS 2019
L CAIS 2021
Amy RCHK 2022
Wong Discovery 2020
Wong CDNIS 2019
C RCHK 2020
Bora Lee HKIS 1998
Karen Robertson IS 1979
Daniel RCHK 2024
Lo RCHK 2021
Wong SIS 2022
Ivan Shiu 萧天恩 ICS 2016
Fung SIS 2022
Tsoi AIS 2022
Peggy Chan CDNIS 2002
Wing Kiu Lam STC 2016
H Harrow 2020
J Harrow 2021
Will RCHK 2021
An Harrow 2022
Dawn Lau CIS 2000
Daniel Rothwell STC 2018
R CAIS 2022
YC CAIS 2020
Stephanie CAIS 2021
Joung Been Bae STC 2016
Christy Chow Harrow 2015
So 可立中學 2023
Cheung RCHK 2020
Michael Leung STC 2016
Lau Harrow 2020
Jamie Harrow 2021
Scott KGV 2019
Claire Chang 钧稜 RCHK 2016
ES RCHK 2020
Wong RCHK 2020
Lam KGV 2019
Dar Harrow 2022
Luke Riggs KGV 2016
Chen CIS 2020
Wai Chun Tsui 徐偉進 York University 2022
Justin ISF 2020
Ming IS 2020
Y IS 2020
Ellie Rampton STC 1996
Hana UWC ISAK 2020
Ryan SIS 2020
Ring Cheung ICS 2016
Vicky Chan KGV 2008
Elizabeth ICS 2020
H ICS 2020
Chan ICS 2020
Nat Rudarakanchana IS 2005
Rachel Ng SIS 2007
Paras Nainani 柏霖 KGV 2010
Jayant Golchha 高智仁 KGV 2010
Dhiraj Nainani KGV 2006
Rushit Kirit Doshi KGV 2010
Lucía Vázquez LPCUWC 2007
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