Taiwan Puzzle Days 2018 報名/Registration
報名期限:即日起至2018.07.29止 / Registration: Until 29th July, 2018
片數範圍:≧1500片 / Puzzle size: at least 1500P
1.性別或團體/Gender or Team *
2.報名姓名(或藝名)/Register Name (Ex: Grace Hwu、John Doe、王小明、...) *
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3.臉書帳號與報名資料不同時,才須填寫/If your register name is different from your Facebook account
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4.我同意遵守活動規則且不會有其他意見/I agree to follow the TPD2018 rules. *
5.若日後有TPD2018的紀念品,是否想領取? If souvenir is available in the future, would you like to collect it? *
6.很想領取紀念品的,請先選擇領取地。 Where to collect? (International players please choose 6.0 or 6.6) *
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