CPCC Study Abroad Application
1. Fill out Application below.

2. Email essay as a word attachment to Global Learning Office at global.learning@cpcc.edu.

3. Pay the $100 non-refundable Application Fee to the Cashier
a. Use the link below to print, fill-out, and submit the payment form to CPCC's Cashiers Office:

4. Submit a copy of your passport (if you have it)
a. You can bring your passport by the Global Learning Office in Overcash 303 on Central Campus or
b. Scan and send us a copy of your picture page to global.learning@cpcc.edu
c. If you do not have a passport apply as soon as possible. Email global.learning@cpcc.edu for instructions and

5. Review all available scholarships and apply to the ones you are eligible for deadlines vary per program.

Application is not complete until the essay is received and application fee is paid.

For Questions: Visit Overcash 303 or Contact- 704-330-6167/ global.learning@cpcc.edu

Spaces are limited. Apply early!
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Make sure you select the appropriate course. Some destinations have multiple course options.
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Acknowledgment of Essay Requirement *
Please submit an essay explaining how this study abroad program will benefit you educationally and/or professionally. What qualities or skills do you possess that will add value to the group while studying abroad? Also include in your essay, how you plan to finance your trip? (Maximum word count - 250. Submit your essay via email to global.learning@cpcc.edu with your name and desired destination in the subject line or submit it in hard copy to Overcash 303 during business hours. Your application will not be processed until your essay is received.
Acknowledgment of Global Learning Office Policy: *
The CPCC Global Learning Office (GLO) reserves the right to deny acceptance to any of the study abroad programs at our discretion.
Acknowledgment of Global Learning Office Program Cancellation Policy: *
The $100 registration fee and the international travel insurance fee are non-refundable. Airfare is non-refundable/non-transferable once purchased. For a fee, tickets can usually be used towards other travel based on individual airline policy. Refunds for other programs fees will be on a case by case basis, and are time sensitive. The likelihood of receiving a refund within 90 days of departure is unlikely. CPCC course refunds are made according to CPCC regular policy.
Acknowledgment of Program Expectations and Limitations: *
CPCC study abroad programs cover a good amount of ground each day. Expect from two to three hours walking on some touring days. Elevators and escalators are less frequent and you will encounter some uneven surfaces, stairs, steps and significant slopes. You need to be able to keep up with the group and handle your own luggage at all times. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) does not apply in other countries and CPCC faculty are not permitted to physically assist study abroad participants. These trips are not recommended for people who have difficulty walking, those having respiratory issues or who have heart conditions. The cost of an additional seat required by the airlines, if a seat belt extender is not adequate, would be in addition to the advertised cost of the program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Global Learning Office or Disability Services.
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