Thanksgiving Grace Referral Form
Thanksgiving Grace is for children living in foster care and their birth families to come together for a Thanksgiving style meal the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Our goal is that families gain hope and enjoy this important holiday event as a family unit.

Thanksgiving Grace is on Saturday, November 23, 2019. The event is held at a local Church from 11:30 – 2:00 and is run by volunteers. An off-duty Police Officer is on-site. In addition, we require at least 1 Social Service supervisor or senior case manager to join us for the event.

For your referral, consider birth families who are non-violent and are working on their reunification plan.

After your referral is complete, we will email you for two purposes. To ask that you introduce us, via email, with the foster caregivers and to learn why you chose this birth family. From there, our volunteer contacts the foster caregivers, to confirm they are willing to transport the children on the event day. If so, the volunteer contacts the birth family, inviting the family to Thanksgiving Grace with their children living in foster care. Every birth family is overjoyed with this opportunity.

A common question is: “What happens if the birth family doesn’t show up to the event, but the children are already there?” We don’t allow this to happen. The birth families arrive an hour early, for check-in. After check-in, only then does the child’s foster caregiver inform the child “You’re about to have a wonderful thanksgiving meal with your family”
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