The "Works On My Machine" Problem
Every developer knows the "works on my machine" problem.

Whether it was said to us, or we have said it ourselves, it is a universal truth that software written on one computer does not always operate correctly on another.

I'd like to know your perspective on this phenomena: the causes, the solutions, the stories that you may want to share.

Please take a moment and answer a few questions, to help other software developers better understand why this is such an issue in our development and deployment processes.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** All Answers are Optional!

You don't have to fill out all of this, if you don't have answers for all of it. Just answer what you can.


- Derick Bailey

"Works On My Machine"
Orly?! Well... it doesn't work on mine!
What's typically going through your head when you say "works on my machine" to a QA person or another developer?
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Can you share a story about a time when you have said, or thought, this?
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How do you typically feel when someone says, "works on my machine," to you?
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Can you share a story about a time when someone said this to you?
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Causes and Solutions
What are the 3 largest causes of someone saying "works on my machine"?
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What are the top 3 reasons why "works on my machine" is a problem?
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How do you combat the "works on my machine" problem?
List any tools, techniques, processes, etc. that you and your team use in development, testing and deployment, to help combat this problem
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About You
Tell me a little about yourself, if you don't mind
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Your email address
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Where do you work / what is your job title?
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May I quote your name and answers in my writing?
I will be using this information as source for a blog post, and possibly other writing and materials. May I associate your name with the information you provided?
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