2018 B2BCyCon - Volunteer
Volunteers must be leaders, able and willing to work on their own. Volunteers will receive little guidance and are expected to organize and execute their own ideas.

Know all the ways you can volunteer for CyCon.

1 - Basic Volunteer: These are the volunteers who step in now and then to execute a simple task to help with my work load. Expect to work no more than 5 hours a week.

2 - Genre Manager (or Lead): Easily one of the most time consuming position in CyCon. How many authors you have to lead, and how many ideas you have depends on how difficult this position can be. Genre Managers build Blog Hops, Cover Wars, and organize anything else they wish to put together for their elected genre. If they so choose, they can build panel discussions, scavenger hunts, and anything else they can think of. How much work a genre manager has depends on how many authors sign up for their genres. Expect to work more than 20 hours a week in February, March, and April.

3 - Blogger: We will need your blog and your blogging skills in March and April. Our genre managers will reach out to you as needed. We need your email address and the genre(s) you host on your blog.

4 - Event host: We have one rule at Brain to Books: If you think it, must be willing to host it or find someone who will. We simply don't have the staffing to adopt ideas that come in from authors. Volunteers who organize their own idea and shape it into an event. They do not have to be a genre manager or own their own business. Event hosts are encouraged to touch base with their genre managers for assistance.

5 - Outside Partner: If you own a company and want to do your own thing, but lend your company to Brain to Books for CyCon or swap advertising, count us in! GoIndieNow, Back Porch Writer, and KKantas Author Assist are great examples of this. We charge authors $5 to participate in your event. That is something you must be okay with as this helps cover our costs to run CyCon. We then direct/send authors to you under the Brain to Books name and we post your logo on our site. You also get a page to call your own for advertising on b2bcycon.com. You must be willing/able to collect your own data from authors to host your event(s).

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Important Note
You will most likely end up with the position you sign up for. I will be contacting you around 1 September 2017 to review how you plan to execute 2018 B2BCyCon.

Genre Managers: I will need to know which events you are hosting (if any), along with any deadlines you may require. You will need to decide your own deadline, if any. Expect to work on CyCon from February and March.

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