Cleveland Indie Film Incubator Project submission form 2018
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A brief synopsis/treatment of your script, including the basic "pitch": settings, tone, genre, main character/s, narrative arc/s.
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Partially completed scripts are acceptable, but the more you have the better. Make sure files are in PDF format and shareable in Google Drive, Dropbox or a similar filesharing platform.
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Dropbox, Google Drive or other downloadable links are acceptable. Make sure the file is shareable, in MP4 or MOV format, and are below 2 minutes in length.
What knowledge or experience would you bring to the group of finalists to share.
Anything else?
Tell us a little more about yourself or any additional comments or ideas you have.
While not required, we recommend a $20 donation to the Cleveland Film Commission to help further their cause of bringing Hollywood productions to Cleveland.
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