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The objective of the NOVExport project is to support SMEs in the SUDOE region in their commercial development towards the Agriculture, Environment and Maritime markets of the countries of Latin America, while supporting the technological maturation of its services / products (use of spatial and digital data, Internet of objects), in order to meet the needs of these export markets.

To this aim, NOVExport project partners will develop 4 tools:

1. An open resource center: a common dematerialized platform for accessing and sharing data (spatial and digital) and also offering tools for data processing, training and market research
2. Six innovation and export centers (Badajoz, Bilbao, Coimbra, French Basque Cost, Madrid and Montpellier) that bring together SMEs with a common interest in exporting to a target country.
3. A technological and business cross-fertilization for the maturation of products and services according to the needs and particularities of the target markets
4. A common methodology and actions for international access

First action to be implemented is the creation of a VIRTUAL RESOURCE PLATFORM. This center will gather all the information to support the 6 innovation centers of the project, so it represents the central axis for the development of project.

With the following questionnaire we want to identify the needs of the SMEs in order to build a platform that will satisfy the requirements of the SMEs to whom it is addressed and that will gather together the suggestion of the target groups.

We would appreciate if you could take 5 minutes to answer this quick questionnaire!
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When thinking about going international to Latin America, which kind of services would be of your interest? *
When thinking about training services, which kind of training would be of your interest? Regarding the model please specify: *
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