About this survey
With COP26 in Glasgow being delayed to November 2021, we have a bit more time to prepare mobilisations and events. The COP26 Coalition in the UK would like to use this time to gather key strategic learnings from previous summits so that we can build on experiences, narratives, and political strategies from the global climate justice movement.

While we received a comprehensive report on the COP 25 Social Summit in Madrid, there is surprisingly little published on the other past civil society responses to COP. By filling in this survey, you are helping us to prepare our organising and our political strategy, so that we can mobilise the strongest response possible to COP26.

We are getting this questionnaire translated into Spanish and French if you prefer to answer in those languages. We are also open to receiving your responses in other formats, for example via phone call or voice recording. Please get in touch with Quan on <<aqnguyen@foe.scot>> to arrange this. Thank you for your help!
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