Slayers Almanac Pitch
Hey Slayer.

The Slayers Almanac is a collection of maps and descriptions of various districts in The City, the infinitely expanding setting for the Slayers RPG. In this almanac (name pending), I'm looking to put together ~10 new districts for The City, and want you to create and write one!

Each district will be 4 pages in the book (half letter size, 5.5 x 8.5). Mike Rieman, who did the graphic design and art for Dust, is going to make a custom layout and hexmap for your district based on what you put inside of it.

So what's on those 4 pages, and what would you be responsible for writing? Here's the breakdown:

1. Half a page of a general description of the district. What do folks need to know at a glance to understand what it's all about? You can look at the short descriptions of districts in the Slayer's rulebook for abbreviated examples!
2. Full page of descriptions of major landmarks of the district. These will be the locations that will show up on the hexmap. These descriptions will form the legend of the map, so that folks can glance at the map and get a quick idea of where things are, and what the most important locales are inside the district. See the Dust newspaper print for an example of this!
3. Full page of the culture of the district. What is the architecture like, what are the traditions, foods, social norms of the place? Each district in The City is a microcosm, and so can be completely different than its neighbor. Think of this page as the travel guide to the district. What should Slayers know before walking through? What will their senses experience? You can even include some real-world references to help (e.g. the best soundtrack to represent this district is _____)
4. Half a page of NPCs and factions in the district. Who do the Slayers need to know, or who will they come across? Who runs things around here? Who will they end up working
with, for, or against? You can use the districts in the Slayers rulebook for examples of this!
5. Half a page of rumors and plot hooks for the GM to use to create. These are short 1-2 sentence prompts to get the creative juices flowing for a session. You can use the districts in the Slayers rulebook for examples of this!

Important Things to Note:

1. This form is just for submitting the basic pitch for your district! You aren't writing any of the stuff above yet.
2. While the book takes place in the Slayers universe, we are not including anything in it that directly connects to the mechanics of the game. That means you don't need a strongly familiarity with the rules of Slayers to write a district. It also means folks are free to use the material in the almanac for other systems that they might enjoy!
3. I will be collecting pitches for a little while, so you might not hear back from me right away. If your pitch is selected to go in the book, we'll start moving towards next steps of actual writing.
4. This project is going to be Kickstarted, which means you don't need to actually write anything until the project is funded! So hold onto all those good ideas, but you aren't sending me material until I can pay you!
5. Speaking of paying, I will be paying a flat rate for this project, as opposed to a per word rate. I haven't finalized the numbers yet, but my current plan is to pay a rate of $100 per page, which means you'll receive $400 for your work on the project if it is selected. I plan on using stretch goals in the Kickstarter to increase your pay if we manage to fund beyond our goal!

Thank you so much for reading all of that. If you are interested in being an author for the book, please fill out this short survey!

What is your name?
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Please provide a BRIEF pitch for your district. 3-4 sentences would be perfect, just to get a sense of what you're going for.
Please provide the best way to contact you about this project (email, Twitter, etc.)
Do you have any questions for me right now? I'm happy to reach out to chat and follow up with you!
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