The Addams Family Bio
Please fill out the questions below to help form your bio. Please answer all questions in third person, like the example given. Please take time to look over your answers and check spelling and grammar before you submit!
Please include below the following information! Name, age at time of show performances (character)- What grade and school do you go to? What do you like about theatre? What are your hobbies outside of theatre? You may also include any thank yous. Please use the example below as a guide. *
Jennifer Masters, 12 (Annie) Jennifer is a 6th grader at Hawthorn Hill Elementary where she participates in choir and strings. Jennifer loves becoming other characters and enjoys the friendships she continues to make in theatre! Jennifer has performed in 10 RPAC Shows! Some of her previous shows include Annie Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr., Peter Pan Jr., and Aladdin Jr. Jennifer would like to thank her parents for always believing in her and Mr. Reed and Mrs. Whitney for the opportunity to play this amazing role!
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Ex: "Anything can happen if you let it." - Mary Poppins
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