Orchard Park Neighborhood Survey
A survey for neighbors who live between Oakdale and Roselle, and Floyd and Briggsmore, in Modesto, California.
What are three things you like about our neighborhood? Do you contribute to any of them? *
What are three things you would like to change about our neighborhood? How can you help? *
In which of these projects would you be interested in participating? *
_ Neighborhood Watch/Security _Neighborhood Events _Neighborhood Preservation/Public Works _Clean Up/ Parks
IF you are a Neighborhood Watch captain/coordinator in the Orchard Park area, please list which streets. *
Would you like to serve on the Neighborhood Steering Committee? *
So we can develop neighborhood volunteers and send out neighborhood alerts, please complete the following information for our database: (This information is for Neighborhood Use Only) *
Name(s): Address: Phone: (home) (cell) Email(s)
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