PC Build Assistance
Hey, this is Nathan. I'm here to help you build or upgrade a PC. In order to assist, I need a little info that will "help me help you."

This form will give me a starting point that I need to help you get your dream PC build -- whether an upgrade, or from scratch -- as quickly and efficiently as possible. The questions here aren't cut-and-dry, but you should answer them to the best of your ability. The more I know about you and what you need, the better I can help you.

Submitting this form will email me the responses, and from that, I'll get in contact with you so we can find a build that works for you.

This service is offered free of charge. I do not physically build your PC; I only recommend what you should buy based on your situation, budget, and necessities.

If you actually do need help putting the build together, or if your build has problems during operation, please go to repair.nathanabshire.com for more information.

My opinions are my own. There are usually multiple ways to approach your build, so feel free to get second opinions from others! I only want you to walk away with a build that will best accommodate your wants and needs.

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