#TransVoices: Summer 2021
Garden of Peace Inc. invites Black trans men and trans masculine folx to apply. We will accept 5 individuals into the cohort.


We are the survivors...
of the deadliest year on record for trans folks in the United States;
of a global pandemic that has killed more than half-million people in the US alone;
of the deadliest shooting in recorded history in the United States;
and, of layers of external and internal oppression and violence.

The Universe has kept you and the ancestors are guiding us all. Our liberation is deeply connected to our survival and the ways that we survive.

Today, in this moment, we consciously choose to honor our resilience and our power. We have come together in celebration of the divine and the brilliance of our community.

The revolution is to survive and thrive in a system that doesn’t want you to exist.

The revolution is to name your dreams and visions in a culture that denies your humanity.

And, to be brave enough to combat isolation and shame to bring speak your dreams and visions, first to your Self and then to others, is an act of courage.

Today, we choose to have these courageous conversations. Today, we choose to sit in our vulnerabilities as others bear witness to our lives and lived experiences. We will challenge ideas around resistance and art and who has access to create, claim, and reclaim spaces.

We have manifested this holy and sacred space for this fellowship. We will share and celebrate the things that we have been told to hate about ourselves. We will collectively celebrate our stories, our bodies, and our survival. Together, we will celebrate the fact that we are the survivors.. all of us.

On stage, we will share the things that keep us alive.. things we have often been made to feel ashamed to say out loud. We will share the things that make us feel messy and unworthy. We will share the things that we do (or wish to do) to honor ourselves in those moments. We will share the things that we do as resistance. We will share the vision that we have of a world for us by us.

Schedule of Events
June 30 - Applications Close
July & August - Workshops
August 24 - Virtual Reading
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