SRT & Reki 新月團體清理 (12月份-4月份) SRT & Reiki New Moon Group Clearing (September-December)
Soulchitect 新月團體清理:

您是否曾經想過,在什麼時間許願,願望最容易實現呢?已故占星家 Jan Spiller 提出新月許願法 (New Moon Wishing),建議大家配合月亮週期許願,讓星空幫助願望實現,藉此訂定並持續釐清人生目標,強化自我達成願望的信念與力量。


這個團體清理是以SRT 和Sekhem Reiki 遙距清理的形式,將集中於釋放舊有的/被卡住的能量、程式、下載療癒圖案、力量符號給參與者,以提升至百份百接受更多正面可能性和開放狀態。清理完成後會為參與者加抽一張天使卡牌,去為大家提供額外訊息。

注意,這個團體清理能夠為我們在靈性和能量上給予支持,清理並提供指引。 但是,使您的生活發生重大改變的將會是您實踐自身的清理,自我發展和自我療癒的部分。



進行日期 :
2020年12月15日 (星期二) 人馬新月
2021年1月13日 (星期三) 魔羯新月
2021年2月12日 (星期五) 水瓶新月
2021年3月13日 (星期六) 雙魚新月
2021年4月12日 (星期一) 白羊新月

(** 清理進行的日期可能會調整。)

團體淸理主題 :
12月份 - 清理對未來/未知的恐懼
1月份 - 清理2020的霉氣,以及為新一年帶來無限可能,實現目標的能力
2月份 - 豐盛、財富和金錢
3月份 - 和諧的兩性親密關係
4月份 - 與別人進行更清晰、更有信心的溝通和表達

SRT & Sekhem Reiki 遙距清理,參與者只需放鬆心情,做自己平常的活動就可以。

預定是晚上8:30到 9:30 (大概45分鐘, 之後便會發送清理報告給參與者)

歡迎任何人士參與, 香港或台灣都可以

費用 :
個人參與 - 每主題港幣$ 280
多人參與 - 每個主題2名成人共港幣 $ 500

Payme 57420025
FPS 轉數快 53776536
HSBC 銀行轉賬 661 332544 833 Ngan Cxxxx Lxxxx
中銀 銀行轉賬 012 607 1 016096 3 Ngan Cxxx Lxxx
Paypal 或信用卡付款 (包含3.9%手續費)

有興趣參加者,請填妥以下資料報名,於清理日期48小時前付款,付款後請影下收據或capscreen WhatsApp到57420025 或電郵至,謝謝。

New moon is a great time to make wishes related to creating or updating life plans, planning future career blueprints, initiating the power to achieve goals, praying for a new beginning or cycle, enhancing personal courage, passion and courage.

Astrologer Jan Spiller proposed the New Moon Wishing method, suggesting that everyone cooperate with the moon cycle to make the star help the realization of wishes, so as to set and continue to clarify the goals of life and strengthen the self-belief and strength to achieve the wishes.

This group clearing is in the form of SRT & Sekhem Reiki distant clearing, and will focus on releasing old / stuck energy and programs to promote 100% acceptance of more positive possibilities and openness. After the clearing is completed, an angel card will be drawn for the participants to provide additional message for everyone.

After clearing, we will send a summary report for your reference and get in-depth information and guidance.

Messages of clients who have accepted our consultation in the past. (in Chinese)

Scheduled date:
December 15, 2020 (Tuesday) Centaur Crescent
January 13, 2021 (Wednesday) Capricorn Crescent
February 12, 2021 (Friday) Aquarius Crescent
March 13, 2021 (Saturday) Pisces Crescent
April 12, 2021 (Monday) Aries Crescent

The topic of later month will be announced afterward
(** The date of clearing may be adjusted.)

Group Clearing Topic:
December - Clearing the fear of future/unknown
January - Clearing the bad luck of 2020, and bring unlimited possibilities for the new year, the ability to achieve goals
February - Attracting abundance, wealth and money
March - Harmonious intimate relationship
April - Communicate and express more clearly and confidently with others

Details: SRT & Sekhem Reiki distant clearing, participants only need to relax and do their usual activities. After the clearing is completed, an angel card will be drawn for all participants to provide additional message and guidance.

Time: Scheduled from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm (approximately 45-60 minutes, after which a summary report will be sent to all participants)

Target: Everyone is welcome to participate, no region limitation

Personal participation - HKD $280 per topic
Group Participation- A total of HKD $500 for 2 people per topic

Payment method:
Payme 57420025
Faster FPS revolutions 53776536
HSBC bank transfer 661 332544 833 Ngan Cxxxx Lxxxx
Bank of China Bank Transfer 012 607 1 016096 3 Ngan Cxxx Lxxx
Paypal or credit card payment (including 3.9% handling fee)

Interested participants, please fill in the following information and sign up. Pay 48 hours before the clearing date. After payment, please take a photo of the receipt or capscreen WhatsApp to 57420025 or email to, thank you.
選擇參加的月份和團體清理議題 (可看自己需要選擇參與多過1個主題) Choose the month and topic to participate (you can choose to participate in more than 1 topic) *
姓名Name *
年齡 Age *
性別 Gender *
聯絡電話 Contact Number *
選擇收取清理報告的電郵 Emails for receiving reports *
請肯定電郵正確,我們將透過此電郵與大家聯絡。Please make sure the email is correct, we will contact you through this email.
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