#CleanUpTX Endorsement
Thousands of old industrial and waste sites across Texas have left dangerous pollution in our land and water. These sites need to be cleaned up before they cause problems for our health, and before disasters like floods spread their pollution into our waterways and homes. I/We join other conscientious Texans in endorsing the #CleanUpTX campaign's efforts to secure key changes to Texas environmental remediation programs. We support…

1. Changes to the protective benchmarks used to assess pollution risks that will make them as strong or stronger than the figures used in nearby states. In particular we need to tighten the cancer risks Texas tolerates, which are ten times higher than Louisiana, Mississippi, and federal risks.

2. Stricter scoring guidelines for assessing sites so that sites of known high levels of pollution very close to homes, churches, schools, workplaces, and waterways will not be allowed to go without remediation or even further testing for potential risks.

3. More thorough involvement of local officials–cities, counties, and school districts–in the remediation process, at the very least notifying them of potential risks in their jurisdictions.
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