South Asian Australian Hindi School, Kogarah. Postal address: 31 Park Rd, Carlton 2218.

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School charges nominal fees $50 per 3 month for single child and $70 per three month for more than one children from one family. Families having financial hardships / families with limited means or newly migrated families are encouraged to contact Mr Singh, Ms Shreya Shetty or Ms Madhulika Roy for exemption from fee payment. Please visit our website for the more information about our School

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The names on this form must be the same as the names the student is known by or uses at the mainstream school.
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MEDICAL DECLARATION: In the event of illness or injury to my child while at school or an excursion, or travelling to or from school,I authorise the Principal or a senior staff member, if/where it is impossible to contact me, to consent to emergency medical treatment as is necessary by a qualified medical practitioner. *
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Hindi School Kogarah seeks your permission for taking photographs and videos of your child/ward during school activities and to publish the photographs, videos and or work on School’s Newsletter, School’s Website, etc. If published, third parties would be able to view the photographs, videos and/or work. This consent, will remain effective until such time as you advise the Community Language School otherwise. *
Information about your consent
If you consented to to the above request, it means that you agree to the following: (1)South Asian Australian Hindi School, Kogarah is able to be photographed, videoed and publish photographs/videos/work of your child as many times as it requires in the ways mentioned above. (2)Your child’s photograph/videos/work may be reproduced either in colour or in black and white. (3)Your child’s photograph/videos/work will not be used for any purpose other than for general promotion of languages education in Community Language School. (4)Any photographs will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the above mentioned purposes and will be stored and disposed of securely. (5)While every effort will be made to protect the identity of your child, the Community Language School cannot guarantee that your child will not be able to be identified from the photograph/videos/work.
This is also to let the parents know and get their consent to pass on the student details to Department of Education, NSW. The personal information will will be used by the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) for assessment of eligibility and monitoring of program implementation. This is also to inform parents and carers that DEC will be granted access to the information, and the that the provision of this information is voluntary and that it will be stored securely. If the information is not provided to DEC, the child will not be funded. (You may correct any personal information provided at any time by contacting Hindi School Kogarah). *
Sometimes when you submit your response it does not immediately work. You may have to click more than once. When your response is registered you will see this on the screen: (STUDENT ENROLMENT FORM Your response has been recorded). You will also be offered a chance to edit your response. If you submitted your response more than once, it doesn't create any problem. Thanks you for taking time to fill the form.
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