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Masscann is a volunteer non-profit organization that runs off of donated time and energy. A lot of work still needs to be done even after 30 years of fighting to end cannabis prohibition in Massachusetts and that includes carrying through legalization passed in 2016 and medical since 2012. The stigma still exists and our jobs of educating the state to move past reefer madness has taken on a new meaning one hundred years later. Legislators, cities and towns are in a position to learn how to implement this now legal market and we have a chance to help them find out the right information. This means more events and expanding our Education Village as a pillar of prohibition history to present anecdotal evidence.

Volunteer Roles:

Bones Crew: Event logistics. Volunteers help organize the set up of MassCann operations, Education Village displays, and table events where you communicate with attendees or general public.

Education Village: Portable standing displays of information on Prohibition to the miraculous qualities of cannabis in today's society. Volunteer needs are in setting up, breaking down, and operational flow of speakers and panels.

Media: maintaining our internet presence;, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and an activist email list. Writers, photographers, videographers, and artists alike can apply.
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