Welcome to PotatoClan Season 8!
Due to a collection of technical circumstances, we will be running our server using a whitelist this season. Please read through and fill out this document to gain access to the PotatoClan Season 8 server!

If you haven't already, please go and read up on the instructions for PotatoClan season 8 and return once you have your modpack setup: http://doulospy.com/#potato_clan/

Please make sure to play only with the modpack, or you might risk accidentally destroying things on the server, and no one wants that.

Got it all setup? Great! Just one last item: please read the server rules and adhere to them. The breaking of rule(s) may result in temporary or permanent ban.

1) Don't destroy other people's stuff,
2) Don't take stuff that's not yours without consent,
3) Don't build anything obscene,
4) Play using only the modpack, and
5) Be a nice human being.

That's all! Fill out your info down below, and the system should sign you up within 5 minutes!
Name: *
Just so I know who all is on the server!
How did you find your way here? *
This is my friends only server so if I don't recognize your name.....I'd like to know what to make of it....
Minecraft Username: *
By clicking this checkbox, I agree that *
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