We oppose the separation of parents and children at the border. We oppose ICE collaboration in our local communities.
This is not the country we aspire to be. We want to learn from our country's past mistakes and do better. We reject the politics of fear and hate from Trump and Sessions. To those who are "following orders" that are discriminatory and cruel, we say, "Stop. You will not do this in my name."

Separating parents and children who are simply seeking safety is inhumane. Plain and simple.

Local police agreements with ICE under 287g, and workplace and neighborhood raids, are not consistent with the kind of country we want for our families, our friends and our neighbors.

Immigrant families’ rights are human rights. We must continue to fight to keep immigrant families together.

Sign your name now to demand that the Trump administration #EndFamilySeparation. Sign now to support leaders organizing in NC to defend their communities against the raids and to fight back on programs like 287g. Sign below now to join the #FamiliesBelongTogether effort in NC.

For more info see bit.ly/IRRPUpdates

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