Play-Doh Play-Time
Please use this form to register for our Play-Doh Play-Time program on Monday, April 15, from 6:30-7:30pm. This program is open to children ages 4 and up who are accompanied by an adult. Plenty of Play-Doh and tools will be provided, so children only need to be ready to create!

*NOTE* This program is being held at Lowe United Methodist Church, 5485 W Lowe Rd. No library card is needed to attend this program.

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Each participant must have a library card (in either the child's or parent's name) in order to attend the program. If you do not have a library card at this time, but live within the St. Johns School District, you can get a library card at no additional cost. If you do not live within the St. Johns School District, you can still obtain a library card by paying the $50.00 Membership Fee. Please contact the library (by phone: 989-224-4702) for more information.
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