Boxcar Acres Farm Herd Share
A CSA is a mutual commitment and partnership. The farmers provide the wisdom and labor needed to raise a farm product, and the financial support from members allows the farm to operate in an economically sustainable manner. The farm benefits from having a reliable market and members receive fresh, local and affordable food grown by people they know and trust. Thank you for partnering with us in this way!
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While we are currently able to provide Milk and Yogurt, we may be able to offer additional items in the future. Please tell us which dairy products you are most interested in. *
Payment Preference
For eggs and dairy subscriptions, we request that payment is made at the beginning of each month. We are happy to work with you as we know everyone's situation is different. Just use the "Other" field to suggest a suitable payment plan.
We have limited availability and will follow up with you to confirm your request. Please check each statement below to let us know you have read them and agree. *
I understand that the dairy is unpasteurized and if I want to order any, I agree to join the Herd Share and pay a one-time $30 fee.
I understand that there may be variations in the availability of items due to weather, seasonality and animal needs and temperaments
If a friend referred you to us, please share their name so we can thank them!
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