Parent & Caregiver Survey | 8 Questions
North Side Community School's first priority is to educate its students well. Outside of academics, are there other ways to better support North Side families and the community, including through volunteer opportunities for parents and caregivers? Please complete this survey to let us know what you think. If you have any questions, please contact Principal Erondu.
1. What grade(s) are your student(s) currently enrolled in at North Side Community School? *
2. Please select from the below school activities and events that you would be interested in attending.
3. Volunteers are important at North Side Community School.
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If you have volunteered in the past, did you receive timely communication that confirmed your volunteer assignment?
If you have volunteered in the past, would you volunteer again?
If you have not been a school volunteer, would you consider it?
Would you be interested in learning more about formalizing parent and caregiver volunteer opportunities through a PTA or PTO?
4. I would think about volunteering to
5. What topics would you like to learn more about?
6. How do you get information about school activities and events?
7. What are ways families can be further supported to increase participation in activities and events?
8. Comments (optional)
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